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Friday, May 13, 2016

Online Freelancers

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Outsourcing describes the process of one entity employing the services of another entity on an adhoc basis. This can take the form of one large company using a second company to provide certain services as needed, or it may simply be an individual who needs to procure a certain skill set to help complete a current project. Usually, these situations will take the form of the Employer engaging the services of Freelancers on either a pay-per-project or pay-per-hour basis. These Freelancers report directly to the entity that has employed them for an agreed duration either in time, or in project goals. Once payment has been made upon delivery of completed work, the Employer has no obligation to keep the Freelancer on the payroll. is the largest outsourcing site in the world with millions of registered users, enabling Employers and Freelancers to connect and do business together. This is done using a set of webbased tools that have been designed to take remote outsourcing to a new level. To do business in the modern world, a successful business needs to extract the very best value from its workforce. The global marketplace is constantly changing and any business venture that wants to lucratively compete in this global arena needs to be both dynamic and able to scale its workforce to meet supply and demand. Traditionally, this has meant employing more staff than required to ensure that there are extra employees on hand to cope with any unexpected workload. How do you ensure that you have the resources to cope with a fluid work schedule without having to employ excess staff? Simple. Outsourcing with

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