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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Your Guide to iOS 7

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iOS 7 is Apple’s latest update to the operating system that powers mobile devices including the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. iOS is also used on the Apple TV, but this guide is specifically designed with users of mobile devices in mind.

The operating system started life as “iPhone OS” back in 2007 when the iPhone was originally unveiled. Since then it has been through six prior iterations, and September 2013 marks the seventh version in what is usually a yearly update cycle. iOS updates usually go hand-in-hand with new hardware, particularly the iPhone which usually sees a refresh at around the same time new versions of iOS are released.

iOS 7 was initially announced in June 2013 at Apple’s WWDC developer summit. The operating system was released to developers at this time for beta testing purposes, to ensure users can download updates to existing apps in order to minimise problems faced by consumers.

The new version of iOS marks a notable improvement over the last in terms of aesthetics and features, and this guide should get you up to speed with the changes and additions to what Apple calls the world’s most powerful mobile OS.

The biggest change in iOS 7 is a cosmetic one. Gone are the faux-shadows, glossy icons and skeuomorphic design elements designed to imitate real-life textures and surfaces. Instead the user interface (UI) has taken on a lighter, brighter translucent look with a redesigned colour palette and brand new set of icons. The new look embraces “flat” design principles, and through the use of subtle transparency allows UI elements to bleed through menus, overlays and notification boxes.

One thing Apple hasn’t done too much of is move around settings and other core features. Despite the new look, most of the features and options users have gotten used to over the years are still in the same place. There are new features to be had, which this guide will describe in detail, but these do not necessarily interfere with the way the iPhone and iPad have functioned in the past.

In addition to a redesigned UI and colour scheme, many of Apple’s core apps have also been updated. Some have been completely overhauled, whereas others have been updated to fit in with the new design. Most notable is the light, white background that now adorns apps like Safari and the App Store, which remain largely unchanged despite a few tweaks and a fresh look.


Saturday, March 4, 2017

A Guide to Google Tools – Tips & Tricks You Can’t Live Without

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Whether you’re a student, educator, executive or a scientist, Google offers online services and products that help everyone remain as productive as possible.

There are many Google services that have come and gone through the years, but a few of them — like Gmail, Google Drive and of course Google Search — stay even more relevant as time goes on. The following is a comprehensive guide of tips, tricks and hacks that’ll help you make better use of Google services you use. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned expert, you’re likely to find something here that you can add to your own productivity toolbox.

Use the following table of contents to jump to any section that you need. Bookmark this page, and come back whenever you’re looking to streamline your use of any of these Google services.

If you use any of these Google services and are looking to make more efficient use of them, then let’s get started.

Table of content :

Google Search Hacks and Tips
Google Site Search
Google Calculator
Set a Timer
Convert Time Zones
Compare Calories
Convert Units
Check the Weather
Check Recent Earthquakes
Find Recipes
Check Flight Schedules
Check Sports Schedules & Scores
Check Movie Showtimes
Track Your Package
Find Your Favorite Band’s Songs
Search for File Types
Ignore Certain Words
Play Pacman!
Set up Google Alerts
Using the "Ok Google" Voice Search
The Google Toolbar — Should You Use It?

Google Drive Like You’ve Never Seen It 
Mount Google Drive
Install as Mobile App
Cool Uses for Forms
Useful IFTTT Recipes
Google Drive Offline
Google Keep – What is It?
Browser App
Mobile App
Google Calendar – Not Just For Appointments
Google Tasks
Importing Calendars
World Clock
"Gentle Reminders" Desktop Notifications
Google Calendar Mobile Client

Gmail – A Communication Powerhouse 
Canned Responses
Google Calendar Integration
Find Big Mail
Snooze Your Email
IFTTT integrations
Mobile Apps
Gmail Security
How does 2-Step Verification work?
UNDO send.
Making Use of Google Tools

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Friday, March 3, 2017

The 50 Golden Rule for Forming Healty Habits

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The practice of forming healthy habits is something that’s pretty close to my heart.

Back in university when I was struggling with a few health issues, it was by paying attention to (and learning how to change) my habits that I was able to turn things around and get out of the slump that I found myself in.

It wasn’t easy to start with, but over time I learned about the key habit forming principles that underpin habit changing, and have since allowed me to change my diet, alter the way I train, form a regular meditation practice, chase my dream career, and a load of other pretty cool stuff in between.

In this post I want to share with you the top fifty tips and ideas that I’ve picked up along the way, so you can avoid learning the hard way, and start to make lasting changes from the get go. They’re the fifty golden rules of forming healthy habits, if you like.

Next to each tip I’ve included a link that enables you to share it on Twitter, so if any of the golden rules in particular resonate with you, then go ahead and hit the ‘tweet this’ link to share the parcel of wisdom with your friends!

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Characteristics & Qualities of a great leader

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I want to thank you for taking the time to download and read this eBook. When I have featured a blog post with only quotes on that pertained to different leadership topics, those posts had some of the highest viewings. After seeing the positive impact these quotes have made in both my life and others, I wanted to share a collection of quotes that will greatly impact your life of leadership as they have done for me.

My desire is for each of you to excel in your personal life and as a leader by reading these truths and gaining the wisdom these quotes provide. I believe as you read them they will inspire, motivate, and energize you to grow in your potential and reach your dreams.

I encourage you to read, memorize, file, and keep these quotes close by.

Reflecting on them will:

»» Motivate you to keep moving forward
»» Lift you up when you’re feeling down
»» Spark creativity to provoke new ideas
»» Bring about positive change in your life
»» Help inspire and add value to others
»» Be a resource to enhance your leadership skills, writing, or
public speaking

The words of Benjamin Disraeli paint accurately the importance of quotes, “The wisdom of the wise and experience of ages may be preserved by quotations.”

I hope you enjoy these quotes as much as I do and glean all the wisdom and truth they offer.


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Friday, February 24, 2017

A SysAdmin’s Essential Guide to Linux Workstation Security

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How to work from anywhere and keep your data, identity, and sanity

This document is aimed at teams of systems administrators who use Linux workstations to access and manage your project’s IT infrastructure.

If your systems administrators are remote workers, you may use this set of guidelines to help ensure that their workstations pass core security requirements in order to reduce the risk that they become attack vectors against the rest of your IT infrastructure.

Even if your systems administrators are not remote workers, chances are that they perform a lot of their work either from a portable laptop in a work environment, or set up their home systems to access the work infrastructure for after-hours/emergency support. In either case, you can adapt this set of recommendations to suit your environment.

This, by no means, is an exhaustive “workstation hardening” document, but rather an attempt at a set of baseline recommendations to avoid most glaring security errors without introducing too much inconvenience. You may read this document and think it is way too paranoid, while someone else may think this barely scratches the surface. Security is just like driving on the highway — anyone going slower than you is an idiot, while anyone driving faster than you is a crazy person. These guidelines are merely a basic set of core safety rules that is neither exhaustive, nor a replacement for experience, vigilance, and common sense.

We’re sharing this document as a way to bring the benefits of opensource collaboration to IT policy documentation. If you find it useful, we hope you’ll contribute to its development by making a fork for your own organization and sharing your improvements.

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